Saturday, June 11, 2011

Image for 6-10-11 - 21st Century Haunted House

Remember when you were a kid, there was always one old derelict house in the neighborhood that everyone just knew was haunted. Well I don't know if this place is haunted, but it sure is derelict. It was born that way, abandoned midway in construction about a year and a half ago for unknown reasons, though I did hear a rumor that it wasn't properly constructed and water got in. As these stories often go, the building contractor went bankrupt and the owner has been in limbo. Now the teenagers and bums break in from time-to-time and someone comes around and fixes the big, plywood door and puts a bigger lock on it. Too bad it wasn't completed as it's an interesting design compared to the usual bland crap that is thrown up in Virginia Beach. It is a ghost of sorts, a constant haunting reminder of the shitty economy (as if we need another one). It would make a cool super villain's lair. Dah


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Image for 6-8-11 - Colin

This is my friend Colin Martin. We've been friends ever since we met at a Dr. Madblood (local TV horror movie host) mini-convention in the summer of 1978. We were young, geeky teenagers then, now we're geeky, middle-aged guys marveling at the speed of time and life. Colin and I have been through a lot; were roommates for a time; spent an action-packed month riding buses across Mexico back in the late 1980s; have made a few short movies together; have spilled our share of wine. We drifted apart for awhile as adults, but now are reconnected. It's good to have old friends in your life that have witnessed a huge arc of your history, and you theirs. Share the memories of late night horror movies and junk food and a million laughs. I'm lucky with Colin though, because there's much more that binds us together then just nostalgia. There's a lot left to our conversation and we got more good times to come. To the future!


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Image for 6-7-11 - A New Tradition

Hello and welcome to my blog. Do you like to read "the words" and look at what we call "the pictures"? Then you, my friend, have clicked on the right link.

Sorry, lost my mind for a second. Actually, decided to start a new tradition of posting a self-portrait on my birthday, which is today, so here it is. Yes, I have a large, some say, giant head. I live with it and so should you.


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Image for 6-6-11 - The Trunk

On the commute home, I found myself behind an antique car, a lovely old thing, obviously well-loved by it's owner. I focused in on the big, black trunk hanging off the back of the car and experienced a mini-epiphany. Trunk! A car trunk was at one time an actual trunk! Wow. What can I say. I'm easily amused.


Sunday, June 05, 2011

Image for 6-4-11 - Carving Finished!

I have finished carving my first wood sculpture! Hooray! I still need to stain him, so he's not quite one hundred percent done. For a first effort I'm pleased with how it came out. Just a little fish, no big whoop, but I enjoyed the process. It was good to get the hands moving again. Certainly is my most natural state to be creating something. I'm not going to speculate on what's next or make any big plans, just want to keep making things and having fun for now.