Wednesday, March 01, 2006

February Hiking Report

I fell six miles short of the 50 mile monthly average I need in order to hit my goal for the year. Not too big of a deal, but I need to be vigilant or that six miles will become sixty. Despite temperatures in the teens and twenties, I still managed to get out most weekends and I'm getting used to the cold weather hiking. As with most things, the biggest barrier to getting out is mental. If you think it's too cold to hike, then it will be. When I've been out there trudging through the snow covered trails and find my spirit sagging a bit, I think of Mt. Fuji, my current dream hike and how any slight discomfort I feel now, will help me be prepared for Fuji when the time comes. There's a quote (can't recall who said it) that goes, "Do a difficult thing when you can, so you are able to when you must." (my bolding). That saying never fails to motivate me, the truth of that thought is unavoidable. Onward.