Friday, August 14, 2015

The Skinny Buildings of Japan - 8/13/15

On a side street in Numazu, Japan
I am still digesting my trip to Japan. Everyday that I was there was filled with too much detail to process in real-time. Going back through my photos I found a series of shots that I took of skinny buildings. Real estate is a premium in Japan, so buildings are slotted in on the slimmest lots. 

Somewhere in Tokyo, Shibuya maybe?

The Japanese are also masterfully efficient users of space, so I'm sure these buildings, though compact, have fully functional interiors.

Shinjuku, Tokyo

I fell in love with this brick apartment building, though not as skinny as the others, I couldn't resist the Smart Car tucked in so cozy.  

SakeStand - Shibuya, Japan

Sorry to say that I did not get to sample any Sake from this marvelous SakeStand. Notice the umbrellas; yes it did rain a lot while I was there, but that didn't slow me down. 

The skinniest building in Tokyo

The skinniest building in Tokyo is a slight wedge of a noodle restaurant, perched somewhere in Harajuku. The place is so small that the kitchen spilled out the back door into the alley behind the place. No, I didn't eat there either. Next time.

The Littlest Bunker
The last place is the "Littlest Bunker in Tokyo". When I saw this joint I fantasized about owning a hideaway like that. Some tiny place to hang-out and listen to music and read books between trips to the conveyor belt sushi restaurants or noodle stands.

I love Tokyo and Japan!


Monday, August 10, 2015

M-78 - The Latest Lo-Fi-Ga - 8/9/15

Today was a good day. I spent some solid time in the studio catching up on some mundane, but necessary tasks. I've been having a lot of fun carving new Lo-Fi-Ga figures and they've been stacking up. The boring bit is fabricating the bases and doing the final finishing work. I guess I need an assistant. The good news from today's effort is I have doubled the number of Lo-Fi-Ga pieces in the world from six to twelve!

This new one is called "M-78". Is he a secret agent? Is he a wrestler? Maybe a secret wrestler? He is marked and mysterious and blind.