Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Can Refrigerator Magnets Defeat Domestic Violence?

I am running in a 5k race this Sunday that is a fundraiser for Samaritan House, which is a worthy charity that helps victims of domestic violence and families at risk of becoming homeless. Full disclosure, my wife works part-time at Sam House, so we often participate in their fundraising events. In recent years, government funding has been becoming less available, so charities like Samaritan House are struggling to find money to help their clients.

Last year was the first time I ran a 5k of any kind and I enjoyed the atmosphere and sense of purpose. It felt good to give back to the community. This year I decided to try and raise extra funds on top of what I have contributed. I've built a pretty decent social network and want to see if I can use it to educate and amplify for this cause. My goal is $500. I am suggesting a donation of $10, with the hopes that I could get fifty people to come through. So far, I am 60% of the way there. I hit on the idea to provide an additional incentive and offer up these two groovy, vintage Kan-Kan Studio (my old studio name from the 1990s) fridge magnets that I recently dug up. Here's the deal; who ever makes the largest contribution, will get their pick between the two. I'll do a drawing among the $10 or more donors for the other one. A mere ten bucks will get you a chance to own one of these beauties. It also feels damn good .

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Thank you!