Saturday, November 06, 2010

It's been a long time...

...and so, I finally got my holiday-themed piece, "Santa Dali" done for Dan Taylor's mini-comix "Pork Chop". I can't recall the last time I put ink to bristol board and crafted a little comix nugget, must be close, too damn close, to twenty years. It felt good to make marks like that, to play with ideas and words. The final piece is closer to an illustrated ramble than a true, traditional panel and speech balloon comic, but still laid down nicely. One thing I enjoyed was re-engaging with the physical act of art making. It is a renewal of spirit for me and connects me to the world in ways this old laptop and the intertubes never will. Is this the beginning of a new chapter in my life as a underground comix artist? We shall see. In the meantime, there's a little taste of my efforts. I'll post the final three-page story as soon as the printed edition hits the streets.