Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Weaverwerx Manifesto or Now what are you doing?

There's a box on the set-up page for this blog called "brief description" and it is still blank. I find it difficult to clarify my purpose and when I try, I sometimes fall down the open manhole of my brain into the subterranean deep thought tunnels where I aimlessly wander for what seems like forever before finally re-emerging into the sunlight, confused, but empty-handed. My mind instantly leaps from "brief description" to "what am I doing with my life" and the fingers hang in the air over the keyboard and down the pipe I go again. With that in mind, I'll press on watching my step and aiming for statements of the declarative variety.
(throat clearing sound)
Weaverwerx is... (you can do it)... the funky factory of my life that has produced everything from sculpture to short films to screenplay (one so far, but I got ideas) to homemade chocolate chip cookies. This blog began as an off-shoot from my long neglected web site and was meant to be an amped up "news and events" section, but actually has become another distraction from actually redesigning and updating the site and immediately mutated into this loose collection of musings. Topics likely, but not promised to be explored; film making, art, computer graphics, animation, writing, the mysteries of the creative process, hiking (including blister secrets and the ballad of the broken shoelace), travel, humor, and apologies for failed attempts at humor. My attorney has asked me to say: In the future, I maintain the right to, without warning, notice or reason, add new topics to said "list" (referred hereto after as "list") or remove, redecorate, or digitally remaster any topics or topic-like objects from "list", but there is no expressed commitment that "list" will actually or virtually ever be altered (or printed out and put into the bottom of a bird cage) or referenced either in polite conversation or used as a veiled or unveiled threat against person(s) unnamed (but you know who you are) or compliment or back-up piece of conversation filler for awkward moments or voids in other contracts either verbal, written, or performed.

Glad that's out of the way. Now, where was I?