Saturday, June 04, 2011

Image for June 3, 2011 - Friday Drive Home

I was very glad that today was Friday. Not that anything particularly bad happened this week. I was just ready to be free for a couple of days. June third is a good day, if only because it is the birthday of my niece Windy and two good friends, Neil Bruce and Bernadette Kinlaw. I have lots of friends and family with birthdays this month. Makes me wonder what was so special about nine months ago. This image was just a random shot I took by laying my camera on the dashboard and shooting straight up. No mind, floating, randomness. Good way to start the weekend.


Friday, June 03, 2011

Image for June 2, 2011 -"The Tunnel" Movie

Recently I invested in the making of an Australian horror film called "The Tunnel". The producers came up with an innovative way to finance the film, they sold (and are still selling) frames from the finished film for one dollar each to the tune of 135,000 frames. I bought twenty-five frames, about one seconds worth. The film premiered a couple of weeks ago and now is available on DVD or as a torrent download (if you download it, support the film and buy some frames). The producers also distributed the frames to everyone who invested, so I downloaded mine and have been enjoying the sneak preview. I've posted some of the more interesting ones here. 

I enhanced this one, to try and figure out what the heck is going on. I see a pant leg and a shoe moving to the right.

This looks like a skull embedded in a rock or mud wall. I can't wait to see this movie.


Thursday, June 02, 2011

Image for June 1, 2011 - Unexpected Visitor

Guess who almost came for dinner? This little guy wandered around from behind the shed while I was manning the grill tonight. My first thought was RABIDS! But Janet had read that at this time of the year, the raccoons are out and about more forging and getting into trouble. This critter kept his distance, but did not appear afraid, which scared the crap out of me. Maybe people have been feeding him and he's lost his fear of humans. I could tell he was hungry and I had to fight the urge to feed him. When it comes to animals, I am a soft touch. He he stays around I might have to name him or call animal control.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Image for May 29, 2011 - Magnificent Model Airplane

I love models and miniatures. Yesterday, while out for a seven mile walk, I came across this exquisite larger scale (it's a about three feet from wingtip-to-wingtip) World War II fighter plane. I believe (without any googling) it may be a Corsair, but I'm glad to be corrected if someone out there knows better then me. I am guessing that this is a RC plane, probably gas powered. I used to build models when I was a kid. I put together everything from airplanes and tanks to those fantastic Aurora movie monster kits. Building model kits was early training for many of the skills I have developed into a career; painting, problem-solving, thinking in three-dimensional space, attention to detail. Stumbling upon this plane was a lovely surprise.


Image for May 28, 2011 - Bob and his Tiki

Was hiking through my neighborhood today and came across Bob the woodcarver guy working on the big Tiki that I have posted about before. He's a good guy, passionate about his work and encouraging to me to join him in the splintery realm. I told him of my first attempt at woodcarving, the little fish and will bring it by and show it off to him soon. It is almost finished. He's made a lot of progress on the big Tiki since I last posted in here about it. One day I'll be standing next to my own giant Tiki.