Sunday, August 02, 2015

My Eight Mile - 8/1/2015

 Yesterday I got out for an eight mile hike. It's a route I know well in the neighborhood. I have mapped out several routes of varying lengths that begin and end at my front door. I'm fortunate to live in an interesting area with a beach close by and a park only a mile and a half away, so the walks are not just a bland sidewalk stomp through suburbia. I've been thinking about the passage of time lately; how quickly time moves through me or am I moving through time? How my walks and runs and hikes are small journeys that slip away before I can focus them to a point in my life. I wanted to do something to document what an average walk like this is like because one day, I may not live here anymore or I may not be able walk eight miles. I do know I am getting older and the old body will waste away sooner then I expect and the eight mile walk will be something I'll miss. So, "Hello there elder Hal Weaver in the future! Remember when you would tie on the old hike boots, plug-in the ear buds and stride on strong and springy legs down the lane? If not, then here's a little reminder of this time in the summer of 2015. Enjoy old boy!"


Mile One - The Happy Mailbox - Those colorful reflectors always catch my eye.
Mile Two - Bayville Park - I love the tall pine trees in this park.
Mile Three - Pleasure House Point - Great nature area that I did not hike through on this route. Note- mind the low hanging fingers.
Mile Four - The Lesner Bridge - Here's the construction gantry lurking through the trees. The new bridge will be ready June 2017.
Mile Five - Live Oak Trees - Also in the Pleasure House Point  Nature Area.
Mile Six - I Got Fat Hands! - I must have had a lot of salt in my system as my hands ballooned up.
Mile Seven - Random Crepe Myrtle - My neighborhood is full of these beautiful trees and the bloom is on!
Mile Eight - The End of the Line - This is not my house, just a little cottage behind our house.