Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Little Sketchbook

My last post was about a drawing that was the final drawing in this little sketchbook. The first drawing was done August of 2008 and was a study of an Egon Schiele painting. The last was the sketch I did of the Oscar Kokoschka sculpture , "Self-Portrait as a Warrior" in January of 2013. It took me four and a half years to complete this little book. It's dog-earred and heavy with ink now and I'm glad to reflect on the journey that it documents. This little visual journal has helped me reconnect with making art and though it has been a slow process, it's been worth the time. Part of the effort was regaining confidence in my ability to create art that has some value and meaning to me. Another part has been to spend time gazing with loving intent at art objects that inspire me, in this case primitive art. There's an unself-consciousness to primitive art that I envy and admire. The fierce, powerful shapes hold a magic that I don't often recognize in contemporary art. I hope by inscribing them again with hand and eye, that I might invoke some of their mystery.

The first drawing that I posted from this book was a portrait of Luis Buñuel. I drew him because I love his quote, "Thank God I'm an atheist". Some other drawings that I posted from this book included; a portrait of the surrealist Oscar Dominguez, an Edgar Allen Poe, an African Akan sculpture, another African mask, this time from Basonge, Zaire,  and a Mexican primitive piece, Tlaloc, the God of Rain. There were other posts from this book. If you click the "art" tag it will sort out some of them.

Now I need pick a new sketchbook to start on. This time I think I'm going to go larger.