Friday, May 29, 2015

Speed Art - 5/28/15

Janet and I attended a wonderful art social event at the Chrysler Musuem's Glass Art Studio in Norfolk, Va, called "Come Art My Party" and it was a bit like speed dating. The price of admission was 3-5 images of your art and during the evening each artist was given one minute to show their stuff and talk about it. I thought it was an effective and fun way to build community. I enjoyed seeing such diverse work and having a chance to share my efforts. I choose my Lo-Fi-Ga" series and folks seemed to enjoy the idea and scale of the work.

Most importantly, connections were made, met new artists and enjoyed talking with them about their art and getting acquainted. One person I chatted with was William Sprueill who shared his moody, black & white human figure photographs; his website (Bonehead Art and Media). I also met Robin Rogers, who works at the Glass Studio and he and his wife Julia are glass artist and currently have a show at the TCC Visual Arts Center in Portsmouth, Va called Percipient Minds that will be up through June 24, 2015.

Thanks' to Charlotte Potter and the good folks at the Glass Studio for putting the event on. It was an inspiring evening that fed my creative soul.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Choose a Different Path - 5/26/2015

Met my old friend Casey of COGfoto for lunch today at a Sandy Bottom Park. I'm grateful for a break from eating at my desk and it's good to catch-up. It feels good to get outside and after lunch, we usually have time for a quick walk around the lake. Today we took a different route that led us to a long row of these incredible, Thistle-like flowers. We both saw an opportunity for today's blog post, so hauled out our phones and got a couple of shots. I think it's interesting to see how we each shot the same subject. Stumbling across these flowers made me glad we tried a different path.

If anyone knows what that flower is, please let me know.subject.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Furiosa - 5/25/15

I saw "Mad Max Fury Road" over the weekend. It was an intense orgy of action and weirdness and I loved it. George Miller is a student of cinema, a lover of the silent era and it shows in the masterful design of the ballet of death and the relationship of humans against a desolate wasteland. This film made me think of "Lawrence of Arabia" and John Ford Westerns. The production design was straight out of "Heavy Metal" magazine, in fact by my estimate this was the most Heavy Metal movie ever! But all that aside, the image that stayed with me the most was the Charlize Theron character, "Imperator Furiosa" with her black warpaint and tragic, liquid blue eyes that seemed to always be somewhere between rage and sorrow. Today's art time was spent carving a new Lo-Fi-Ga inspired by that character. It's not meant to be a portrait, I just loved the style of black make-up covering the top half of the face and those blue eyes. This is the first Lo-Fi-Ga that I've painted, all the others I left totally natural. So what do you think of the paint?


Monday, May 25, 2015

Romaine Will Never Die! - 5/24/2015

Last week my mother told me about growing more Romaine lettuce from the "butt" of an old head and I had to give it a try. All you do is trim the root end a little and place the core in a little water. It took a couple of days before I saw the sprouts, but now they are going strong. I did some research to find out what's next, (SPOILER ALERT - you plant it in dirt), so that'll be next. Give it a try it's easy!