Saturday, August 12, 2006

July Hiking Report

...And so, here we are a third of the way through August and I'm finally getting around to the July hiking report. I have been busy, but also have been making room to relax a bit and recharge my batteries. Might be time to replace'em or get some solar panels installed. Whatever I do I need to replenish the well. Hiking is something that does for that for me and unfortunately, I have not had much time to hike, lately, but that'll change today. I do miss the hikes along the Genesee River in Rochester. In the nine months we were there, I got to know that trail pretty well, in warm weather and cold and look forward to visiting it whenever we get back to Rochester. Now I have the beach walk here near our home on the bay. A wonderful four mile round trip that is always different, always changing. Sometimes I imagine I'm a beachcomber on a deserted island and scan the sand for treasures. One time I actually found ten dollars sticking out of the sand, which I really appreciated as I was unemployed at that moment. Treasure comes in many forms and one of my favorite is to see the dolphins swimming to or from the Atlantic or spot an Osprey swoop and catch a fish. Those little gifts are what keep me returning to the big hike of life.

So the July numbers were good, 51 miles bringing me to a year to date total of 351, just a mile over where I need to be. Despite the brutal heat and humidity, I managed to use the moving delay to get a last hike or two in by the river and I am glad for it.

Time to stretch and get out there.