Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm a Mini Movie Mogul

Last night I threw twenty-five dollars in the indie film ring. There is a great web site called Kickstarter that helps artist, writers and filmmakers fund their projects. I've looked at it a couple of times before, but have never taken the plunge until last night. I found out through Twitter, about this making-of-a-horror-movie-doc called, "Hardcore Indie" that was getting down to the wire to meet their fundraising goal and decided to get off the bench and help them make it happen. I'm looking forward to seeing how their project develops!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Image for 4-13-11 - Tiki in Progress

Back on track.

This Tiki is in the front yard of a house I walk by on one of my regular hiking routes. It stands about four feet high and has been slowly evolving over the last couple of months. Once I ran across the artist at work. He had a variety of chisels and chainsaws and was sporting a finger splint earned from his efforts. I stopped and chatted with him a while about sculpting and tiki's. I haven't done any wood carving, but I have thought about it, even bought some tools. Sometimes I think that when I return to sculpting, that it will be wood. I love the smell wood, the texture, the grain. The connection with cultures through the whole of history. It's good to see the spark of creativity moving on to the next generation. Half drunk bohemians taking steel to wood to keep the old ones alive on a suburban street. My time is coming.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Off track

I owe my regular viewers an apology for the lack of posts. I was out-of-town over the weekend for a wedding and was uploading photos and posts from my phone, or so I thought as there is no evidence of that here (thanks' Virgin Mobile). Yesterday I clean forgot to post anything. We'll see if we can get back on track today.