Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Exhibition bound - "Big Chief Bad Noodle"

I finished "Big Chief Bad Noodle" with a lick of acrylic paint and a touch of gold leaf; rubbing and distressing the surface to make it look like an artifact.

As a newbie woodcarver, I'm pleased with the results I got from using hand tools and the dremel.  I have a whole stack of cedar to play with and will get rolling on the next piece soon.

This piece was taken from a tiny sketch that I did a long time ago.

 I decided to not try and copy the original design exactly, leaving some room open for randomness. As you see, he was wider through the middle in the sketch and where the "brain" is was just a pattern that doesn't quite work. I also changed to the brain matter when I thought of the name.

"Big Chief Bad Noodle" will be hanging in the "Small Works - Miniatures by Tidewater Artists" at the Charles H, Taylor Center in Hampton, Va. from October 12th until December 1st. Last year I had a drawing in that show, "Edgar Allen Poe VS. The Brain Eating Microbe". I need to get started now on some work for next year's show as I am always procrastinating until the last minute.