Sunday, March 09, 2008

My Monthly Posting

Actually, I hope that won't be true, but lately it has been. I will not bore you with excuses, instead how about the hiking report? February was a better month for me and I even managed to make up a bit for my slow start in January by coming in with 52 miles, bringing my year-t0-date total to a whooping 98 miles. Still a couple miles shy of what I need to average, but I'll make those up this month. Been on a weekly routine now of hiking with my friends Mike Wingfield and Jeff Maisey. We are in-training for a trip next month to hike Mt. Rogers in the western part of Virginia. Down here on the coast, we don't have many or any hills to climb, so in preparation for the mountain, have been hitting the stairs and once a week paying a visit to Mt. Trashmore to march some laps up and down that hill. My legs and lungs felt solid today and I know I'll be ready for Rogers.