Friday, June 18, 2010

Luis Buñuel

I've been doing a series of little drawings of surrealist copying photos from an old book I have on surrealism. Here's my take on Luis Buñuel, artist and filmmaker. The photo I worked from makes him look like a giant, massive and looming. I love the blown out old photos of these wacky guys. They always look crazy as lizards on a hot road and have odd shaped heads and look like they would always have something interesting to say. I especially like the group shots where everyone looks wild and drunk and ready to shake the world by it's throat. They were probably all insufferable pains-in-the-ass, but even so the fantasy of a troupe of artist against the world together, making art, talking art, all still noble believers in the possibility; the certainty that the world would bend to the heavy gravity of their mind's creation. Is that still possible in this post-modern world? Sometimes I still feel it's so and those are good nights indeed.

My favorite Buñuel quote:

"Thank God I'm an atheist."