Saturday, March 06, 2021

52 Fridays - Teotihuacán Head Mexico

Welcome to week ten of this 52 Friday's drawing project. This week I was inspired by an image from a book called "Before Cortes Sculpture of Middle America" from the MOMA online library.  Great site to visit if you have a few hours, days or weeks to burn. I find the I'm compelled to draw pieces that have some damage; chips, cracks, worn surfaces; something that has a bit of character. This is the face from a female figure carved from greenstone. I think I will draw her again sometime as I'm not completely satisfied with this one. I drew the forehead to high and the eyes are too small. I also think my tones are too flat. I took too much time and over thought it a bit. Even so, I had fun making this drawing. Not a bad way to pass a Friday evening...

Have a good one,