Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Obligatory My-Laptop-Died Post

After years of faithful service, my little old iBook's hard drive went senile, then kaput. Luckily (guess it wasn't luck, I did pay for it) I had the AppleCare Protection and so they fixed it up in no time flat, so here I am back at it. Besides replacing the hard drive, the technician also loaded Tiger (I was using Panther) and swapped out my aging battery with a better, longer-life one, so thank you repair person.

Much has been happening since my last post A MONTH AND A HALF AGO. Man, how did that happen? I'm amazed to see this old blog continues to get hits despite my long neglect and I must admit I'd probably drop the sucker if absolutely no one were reading it, so thanks' to those few folks who check in regularly to see if I'm still alive.

No new news on Happy Walter. I finished up the last of the graphics I needed to do for Zoje and she's busy getting the PR campaign together and entering festivals. Probably won't be any news for awhile until the festivals start to respond. It should be interesting.

Working on a Halloween project with my pal, Sam Hundley. Every year Sam goes all out decking his yard and front porch out with a themed display to amuse the adults and thrill the kids (or is it the other way around?). This year we're working on an alien autopsy thing. Photos soon.

Finally, I just returned from a trip south to Mississippi to visit my Dad on his birthday, then onto New Orleans for a few days hanging with my buddy Lord Nelson. For those into NFL football, turn green with envy because I got to see that killer Saints vs. Eagles game in the SuperDome, my first live game. There was a lot of love all over that soggy town after the Saints kicked that winning field goal with three seconds left. Yes, yes, a fine time it was.

So, that's me, how you doing?