Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Growth...

We've been having an unusually rainy and chilly spring, which has helped our humble garden get off to a good start. Last year I tried my hand at growing potatoes in a bag and after spending ten dollars on gardening soil and pea gravel, I wound up with exactly zero potatoes. The bag disintegrated and I left the soil in a pile. Fast forward to this year when I find a few sprouting potatoes under the sink and decide to throw them in that same pile and see what would happen. Despite the lack of effort, the little buggers are making me proud! I might be eating some homegrown taters yet!

This year's garden consists of the taters, a few tomato plants, basil, rosemary, oregano and a leaf lettuce mix grown from seed. It's a modest showing for sure, nothing that will sustain us if the grid goes down, but it's something. Watching those growing plants makes me happy, gives me hope and veg from your own garden always tastes the best.

In other growth news, this blog was included in the AltDaily Blog Roll, a fine honor and welcomed connection to one of the alternative culture voices in this area.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Image for May 20, 2012 - Once You're Wet, You're Wet...

I am a little behind in my hiking right now. Last weekend I was in Mississippi visiting my Dad and so did no walking. Weekend's are prime time for me to stack-up some big miles. Typically I'll accumulate anywhere from ten to eighteen miles from Friday to Sunday, so losing last weekend has put me slightly behind. No matter, this last week I have been hitting it hard to close the gap. Yesterday I managed a seven miler and committed to the same today. I woke to gray skies. A light, misty rain settled over the Sunday morning, for me, perfect hiking weather. Less than perfect weather calms things down. People stay indoors. The causal joggers, the knuckleheads with the super loud stereos in their cars, the families on bicycle blocking the path are all home on their sofas watching whatever those people watch. The secret to hiking in the rain is understanding that once you get wet, you are wet, so get over it. I've hiked in some fierce storms in Scotland and Ireland and enjoyed the extra challenge. The whipping winds and pelting rain puts a lot of energy in the air that creates a sense of urgency. Once the clouds finally do part and the sun returns, it alls seems sweeter.