Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday BILL MURRAY!

It was Bill Murray's sixty-first birthday yesterday! His humor has meant a lot to me through the years and he's still one of my favorite actor/comedians. I grew up watching Saturday Night Live, started watching it live from the first episode. Bill Murray started as a writer on the show and made the cast in the third season when Chevy Chase left. Here's a clip of Bill doing his Nick The Lounge Singer schtick. Enjoy!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Image for September 21, 2011 - Public Service Announcement

I was behind this truck while driving home and had to grab a photo of this gentlemen's message to the world that he has carefully spelled out in little metallic mailbox letters. The message reads:


Now, I am puzzled. Is he "The Best" and if so, wouldn't he have a nicer truck if he were? Perhaps he's a minion for "The Best" and is required to communicate his master's philosophy to us all?

I occasionally see these kind of homespun mini-billboards on the backs of vehicles, usually very old, poorly maintained vans or trucks. The message topics generally are religious, but a few are of the macho variety like this one. They are always on men's vehicles, I have never seen a woman riding around with some odd quip sloppy applied to their ride, so a point for women.


Monday, September 19, 2011

500 miles

It was a lovely gray, fall-like day today and I hiked six miles. Those six miles brought me to five hundred miles total so far for the year. My goal is seven hundred miles. Just two hundred miles to go. I'm coming into my favorite season to hike, fall and I look forward to chasing down each and everyone of those miles. I am thinking ahead into the new year and it may be time to go big. There are some dreams that need to be pursued. What else is there?