Monday, January 12, 2009

2008 Wrap-up

2008 was a weird, tough year for a lot of folks. Not for me. Despite all the universal craziness going on, things on Planet Weaver were pretty decent. Got my good health and sweet wife and solid job and safe, cool home. All these gifts make me humble.


My hiking goal for 2008 was 600 miles. Not quite 2 miles a day. Did I make it? You bet. 604 was the final total. 604 miles on the beach and on the roads and on the trails. The high point (literally) of the hiking year was reaching the top of Mt Rogers in western Virginia with my good friends Jeff Maisey and Mike Wingfield. Mt. Rogers is 5,729 feet above sea level, little over a mile and is the highest place in Virginia. The weather was perfect the day of the hike. The trail is a spur off of the Appalachian Trail and we were fortunate to meet some wonderful thru hikers that day.

Our adventure ended with a few well-earned beers at our secret mountain liar.

That was a good day it was.

Onto to 2009.