Monday, July 09, 2012

Meet Tlaloc, the God of Rain (and do we need him now more then ever)

It was another one hundred degree plus day, probably the hottest yet. Earlier in the day I got out for a four mile hike. It wasn't more then a half mile from the house when I was soaked in sweat. The sun beat down relentlessly, the heat penetrating through my hat down into my head and soul. It reminded me of the kind of heat I endured the first time I went to Mexico back in the spring of 1988. My friend Colin and I rode buses all the way from Virginia down into Mexico going all the way down and through to Merida. Along the way we went to Palenqué and visited the ruins there.
I saw a lot of this kind of sculpture on the temple walls. On the walk back, I decided to carry some of that heat and memory into a new drawing. Once again I picked an image from a book I have from the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico and started scribbling. It wasn't until I finished the piece and was adding the description that I realized that I had unwittingly drawn "Tlaloc, the god of rain". A strange, accidental cry to the heavens to open up and give us some liquid love.