Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hiking Goal for 2010 - History

I set a hiking goal every year to keep motivated and stay in shape. This year's goal was 650 miles. It fell today after an eight mile hike I did from my house to the Lesner Bridge and back. That walk brought my total to 651 miles. Any miles I add between now and the end of the year will be pure gravy. I think I'll up my goal in 2011 to 700 miles. All the local miles add up to a more pleasant experience when I finally do find myself out in the woods or on the side of a mountain.

I'm always looking for new hikes, new adventures, new challenges. This year I pushed myself on a three day, high altitude trek in the Maroon Bells region of Colorado on a trail called the "Four Passes Loop". My Uncle Gunnard set the trip up, and he and I put the packs on and stomp down those fantastic, sometimes difficult 28 miles. Here are the photos.

So what does 2011 and beyond hold? Here's my current wish list of hikes (it is ever evolving):

10)- Ben Nevis, Scotland- Highest mountain in the UK. I've walked right by this mountain when I've hiked The West Highland Way. It's time to take it.

9)- The Wicklow Way, Ireland - 127 kilometer trail through some of the most beautiful scenery in Ireland or anywhere.

8)- Camino de Santiago, Spain - 460 miles across Spain.

7)- Hadrian's Wall, Britain - This trail follows the wall built by the Romans around A.D. 122. The 84 mile route runs coast-to-coast.

6)- The Great Glen Way, Scotland - 79 miles of walking from Fort William to Inverness along the shores of Loch Ness. What's not to like?

5)- Vienna to Prague - 250 miles of newly established trails through the old country.

4)- Grand Canyon, USA - 25 tough, but amazing miles.

3)- Catalan Pyrenees, Spain/France - There are a number of routes, all of them great.

2)- Atlas Mountains, Morocco - This would be some high adventure and a good reason to put some boots down on African soil.

1)- Mt. Fuji, Japan - The ultimate dream.

The order of this list is not particularly meant to represent any importance, other then Fuji, which is number one. I hope to take a couple of these off the list in the coming year.