Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Hiking Report - 2007 Wrap Up and into the New Year

Yes, I am still hiking. If my blog were your only indication of what is going on in my life, then you'd think I was in a coma. Not true, not true, loads of stuff happening on this end of the glowing screen, I just have fallen out of the practice of relaying out into the many tubes that make up our fine internets system, what those events are.

2007 is shrinking fast in the rear view and all I can see are the road signs of the future up ahead with the present a purring blur moving too fast to get a proper bead on. Some of you, ok, maybe one or two might be wondering, "Did he do it? Did he actually reach the ambitious goal of 600 miles in 2007?". Yes, well, I'll tell'ya, it was close literally down to the wire with the final six miles falling beneath my boots on December 31st. I entered that month with 534 miles, leaving 66 miles between me and the goal and despite the short days and holiday distractions, I pulled it out.

So what of 2008? How many miles shall I try for? 600. Yep, not going to increase it for now, but not backing down either. 50 miles a month average works with my life and work style for now and in January I managed to clock in with 46 miles, so already a little behind, but the days are growing longer and I am in training for an April trip to hike Mt. Rogers, the highest point in Virginia (5729) feet, so it won't take long to make that up.

Happy Trails,