Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Angel has Landed

I finished "Bernie's Angel" in time for her birthday at the end of March. There were a couple of late nights and the paint was a tad tacky when it went into the gift box, but I got her done.

I learned a lot about woodcarving doing this piece and can see progress in my technique. I chose to paint this piece instead of a simple stain as it fit the subject matter better. I used acrylic washes and some iridescent gold for the halo and silver for the wings.
Here's a shot of Bernie "unboxing" the angel. It was very satisfying to see how happy it made her. It helped remind me how special and meaningful art can be when created with heartfelt intent. We live quite far apart, but this little angel adds another connection and brings some comfort to Bern.

Here is the angel's final home on Bernie's kitchen wall. She fills the empty space where the former terra cotta angel hung before she was knocked down. I always like to see where my art winds up "living". I like to think of the angel looking down on Bernie in the morning when she's fixing her breakfast. I want to make art that is a part of people's life.