Friday, November 05, 2021

52 Fridays - Dark Mask


UPDATE- This a "Pende Mask" from the Congo region of Africa. Thanks to "gaetan_antic" from Instagram for the added information.

I know nothing about the origin of this mask other then it is from Africa. Unfortunately, "gaetan_antic" on IG didn't provide any background info, but I have a query into them, so will update this if they provide some details. It's important to credit the artist always. 

Halloween is done, so I'll return to tribal masks for the last seven drawings of the year. I choose this one because I like the shape of the eyes and mouth. There's also some interesting textures and reflections that are interesting. When I started the drawing, I was a bit timid and everything quickly became muddy, but then I stepped into the dark areas and pushed the contrast and it came alive. I find that if I get too precious with whatever art I am making, it has no life, but if I am willing to take a risk, even risk destroying the piece by going deeper into the dark areas, the unknown, then it lives. The lesson, let go of the illusion of control and just let the unknown flow.

Happy Friday!