Saturday, September 04, 2021

52 Fridays - You Had Me at Bobo


How can anyone resist Bobo? Maybe a creepy clown named Bobo, but otherwise, Bobo just sounds like fun. If I ever ran for President (I never will, overqualified), I would change my name to Bobo and surely would win. This week's drawing subject is a Bobo statue (Calao) Mali I discovered through the Instagram account of Artwork Baillod, a private Swiss collection of African Art. You can visit their website here. This figure made me think of Tim Burton's work, particularly "Beetlejuice" and the always reliably zany cartoonist Lynda Barry. He looks like a proud Bobo, with that grin and groovy hat. It was a lot of fun to draw him. If you are feeling stressed, drop what you are doing and draw a Bobo!

I've noticed that there have been more visitors to my blog in the last month or so, and I appreciate everyone taking a break from the million other eyeball options and resting here for a moment. Your eyeballs are welcome!

Have a good week!