Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bulls' Eye - 1/30/15 - Image-a-day

I was very happy to find real, steel-tip dart boards in Pleasure House Brewing tonight. Too bad I didn't have my darts with me, but next I will. The electronic boards have become the standard these days I think mostly because they require quarters to use, but the steel-tip boards are the one and only true dart game in my book.


Friday, January 30, 2015

Farewell Mike Larsen - 1/29/15 - Image-a-day

This is a wood sculpture by Michael Larsen. Mike was a friend and brother-artist and he died this week at the much too young age of forty-four. I knew Mike from working with him at Virginia Scenic where we both carved theatrical set pieces. We always had a friendly competition and would trash talk each other's work, but when the rubber-met-the-road, Mike always was generous of spirit and a supportive colleague.

I don't know why he left us too soon, but the world is a better place for the lovely art he created while he was with us.

Rest in peace my friend.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Shadows on the Wall - 1/28/15 - Image-a-day

Never doubt that you are always surrounded by art. You just need the right eyes to see it.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First Snow - 1/27/2015 - Image-a-day

Woke-up this morning to find our area was brushed by the big winter storm. I love snow, so was happy to see the white stuff, but I know for many folks in the Northeast, it's a different story. There were dire predictions that New York City would get two to three feet and the Governor of Connecticut shut the whole state down last night around nine. I was hoping for a full on snow day, but alas, all we got was a two hour delay.


Jeff Maisey - 1-26-15 - Image-a-day

I hung out with a very old friend tonight and it was good. We reminisced about some old adventures and mused about all the possibilities for journeys to come. A true friend is a rare thing in this life. Jeff and I have had some ups and downs, but we're still amigos and I am glad for that.



Sunday, January 25, 2015

What Attracts Me - 1-25-15 - Image-a-day

The sun was out today, though winter's chill is still in the air. I got a seven-mile hike in today, starting on the beach with my wife along for the first mile or so. She turned back down the beach and I continued on for the longer route, cutting back into a neighborhood heading south. On one of the side streets, I passed a tree with peeling bark and had to stop and get a photo. I love textures like that, peeling paint on an old building, weathered stone on some ancient ruin, anything that catches the light and weaves a pattern that shows the hand of life and time passing.


Arches - 1-24-15 - Image-a-day

I got out for an eight-mile hike today. It was a cold, grey, damp day, perfect for a long walk with some podcasts in my ears and a warm, familiar ache filling my legs and feet. Check here to see my stats and a map where I went.

I made a pass through the new Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Brock Environmental Center in the Pleasure House Point area and found this super cool drift wood archway on the path leading up to the center. I like how this rustic arch mirrors the sleek, futuristic arches of the building. The center is powered by wind and solar energy. The wind turbines were spinning fiercely in the strong north winds. It made me feel hopeful.