Sunday, May 06, 2007

April Hiking Report

Found this fish last week on the beach and had to make a photo of it because it looked so much like a cartoon to me at the time. I see lots of dead things on the beach throughout the year, lately more birds then fish. This fish was picked clean by the seagulls and crabs. The eyes always go first.

April was a decent month for hiking. First time this year that I managed to hit my monthly quota of 50 miles to bring my YTD up to 166, still 34 miles shy of where I should be. High point of the hiking month was getting some time with my old hiking buddy Dave C. on the shady trails of First Landing (or as we locals refer to it as "Sea Shore") State Park. Dave lives in N.C. now, so our out tings are much less frequent then in the "old days' when we were neighbors. He's a good man to have on the trail as he usually packs lots of snacks.

I did most of my miles in April on the beach by the house here along the Chesapeake Bay and I've noticed lately that balconies of the million dollar water front homes are generally empty. Many of these places are second or third "homes", so are probably unoccupied 99% of the time, but a lot of them are year round homes. Does TV and the Net win that competition for attention? Do these people have to work hours so long that they never get to appreciate their cool house with the marvelous view? Summer is nearly on us and those balconies will be used for a couple of months, but come September, the deck chairs will be stacked again and the sliding glass door locked until next season.