Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hiking report August

Hit my hiking goal and then some August with 62 miles for the month bringing me up to 414 miles for the year. Leaves just 236 miles to go, a tick under 60 per month to hit 650.

Words from Gras Zero and an idea....

Like many folks out there, I'm on images and video of what seems the endless horror that is now the Gulf Coast. For a more personal take on the chaos, check out my buddy Lord Nelson's blog called "New Orleans Refugee". Nelson swings a mighty rant and his a few tales to tell.

On the lighter side of the blogsphere, "Dorking Out" has this suggestion for the future of N.O. or NEO ORLEANS as he calls it. Read More.

to the future,


Wednesday, August 31, 2005

When the levee breaks got no place to stay...

Damn. Looked like New Orleans dodged the bullet, then the levee gave it up, 200 feet of it and now the big bowl is filling up. The more information that comes out, the worse this all looks. The entire gulf coast has been shredded and I'm sure if you're reading this, you've seen the photos and footage and misery. My New Orleans pal, Lord Nelson (safe in Lafayette now, thank's for asking) has told me tales of woe, like the one where his girl friend and her parents, staying at a motel somewhere in Mississippi witnessed looters breaking into the vehicles of those staying at the motel, stealing from those who have lost it all. What level of hell do they send you to for that kind of behavior? Before all this madness, I arranged to visit my Father in Mississippi (also safe as far as I know) and Scott in N.O. at the end of September and I still hope to make the trip. Though they are warning volunteers to stay away, I want to give back to that town that has given me so many good times. I've shoveled mud before, I'd gladly do it again for all of them now. We are all in this together.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Do know what it means to miss New Orleans?

New Orleans is my favorite city in the USA. I've spent a lot of time there, been to three Mardi Gras and two Jazz Fests and countless other trips to visit my old, great friend Lord Scott Nelson. The Crescent City has a charm, character and funk that has been torn down, paved over and whipped out of most other cities. There are more eccentrics per square mile there then anywhere else in America 'cause they just don't give a shit. The locals joke about Louisiana and N.O. in particular being a third world country and after tonight, that joke will take on a cruel irony. I've read dire predications about what would happen if a category 3 or 4 storm hit; a city submerged and possibily beyond reclaiming. Katrina's a cat 5 monster with gusts up to 200 mph and a storm surge of 25 feet or more. By morning there may not be anything left but memories.

Some memories-

- arriving by a midnight train one steamy August. Lord Nelson faithfully meeting me at the station and we settled into a crawl through the Quarter. The drinks and laughs rolled on until the sun came up and then hot, black coffee and powder sugar down the front of my shirt at Cafe' Du Monde.

- second time going to Mardi Gras. Made a giant rubber tiki mask inspired by Hunter S. Thompson's "The Curse of Lono". Ran wide through the streets and at one point found myself encircled by a dozen or more Japanese tourists all photographing and video-taping me. I sometimes wonder what the footage looks like.

- same Gras trip, finding some weird, side street juke joint with a dirt floor and no windows, but the best smoking blues band I ever heard and yelling till my throat was horse.

- drinking White Russians and bowling at the old Mid-City Rock 'n Bowl.

- watching Godzilla movies and shooting pool on the nastiest pool tables at the Saturn bar.

- seeing the band Royal Fingerbowl play at the Saigon Club, as I recall it was smoker's night and the band was handing out free cigs.

- having a hang-over cheese burger at Checkpoint Charlie's and watching some 60's style funk band with a lead singer sporting an afro larger then a German Shepard., I got to stop, I'm making myself sad.

Here's to all the folks down in The Big Easy. Good luck, Buddha bless and I hope you'all make it through the night.