Thursday, September 01, 2005

Words from Gras Zero and an idea....

Like many folks out there, I'm on images and video of what seems the endless horror that is now the Gulf Coast. For a more personal take on the chaos, check out my buddy Lord Nelson's blog called "New Orleans Refugee". Nelson swings a mighty rant and his a few tales to tell.

On the lighter side of the blogsphere, "Dorking Out" has this suggestion for the future of N.O. or NEO ORLEANS as he calls it. Read More.

to the future,


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  1. That was an interesting read! Also came across this....

    unbelivable stuff in this day and age!

    I can't believe what is going down in Nawlins, it is just such a shame and tradegy for such a great place.

    Good luck to everyone there, life will go on...don't let mother nature and the failings of the govenment defeat you!