Monday, June 20, 2005

A hard life....

I took this photo today when I was out for a morning walk. This is the beach that is across the street from where I live right now. It's four miles round trip down to the Lesner Bridge and back and I've been jogging up and walking back. It's about as flat as you can get, makes me miss the mountains of Ireland or any mountains for that matter, but even so, it could be much worse. The beach changes everyday. Each day has it's own theme. Some days are dead fish days, others are broken glass and still others are industrial waste. The actual shape, size, and contour also are different, I never walk on the same beach twice. I'm grateful for the time I've had walking along these shores with my wife or with friends or alone.

I took this photo because of that cloud. That crazy, spiky bank of cotton with a flat edge mocking the horizon. It was a fine, peaceful moment and it's good to recognize those little pearls and breath deeply.