Saturday, August 11, 2012

Get Back Satan! - Today's Drawing

I took the day off from work to just catch up on a few things. I haven't hiked any this month so far, which is not good, so I got out for a seven mile hike/run. Got home and did some yard work and then floated in the bay with my sweet girl before she had to got to work. After that, I broke out the little drawing journal and laid down another African mask drawing. This one comes from the Baule tribe (and the subgroup of Yaoure) from the Ivory Coast area.
I chose it because of the horns and facial expression. It is very demonic and shiny. I only have a few pages left in this sketchbook and look forward to moving onto something larger as this one is very small, about four inches by three. Here's a bonus extreme close-up image.