Friday, August 13, 2021

52 Fridays - Demons Loose in the Land


I'm so fuckin' tired of the virus, but the virus ain't tired of us yet, so here we are heading into fall with parts of the USA in total COVID free fall, hospitals getting overwhelmed by proudly unvaccinated morons who don't believe in science until they fall deathly ill, then they'll take all the science they can handle if it'll save their dumb ass.  I was actually hopefully for a few weeks in June that things were finally heading in a better direction, but now... Demons running loose in the lands. I won't unwind the whole DOOM spiral here as I'm trying to stay in the light, even shine some light. I'm trying real hard Ringo, but most days lately, it is not easy. 

Drawing and making something certainly helps blow those black clouds out. This week's drawing is another from the never ending stream of eye candy on Instagram and the account of "contemporarycongoleseart" . Here's a demonic looking "Tabwa" mask from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Tabwa people are known for their fine carvings both masks and figurines, but much of their culture remains a mystery. was this demon mask used to protect the village or ritually reenact past terrors that the village survived? 

See you next week,