Sunday, May 15, 2022

Me and I has become We and Us....


My life has changed a lot since I last posted on April 11th. The biggest, most beautiful change was, I got married on April 26th in a simple civil ceremony here in Riga, Latvia. How does one go from being an "I" or "Me" to an "Us" and "We"? It's a mysterious process and different for every couple. It's a construction of a million moments of laughter and trust and patience. A daily risk that is part faith and part work and also fun. There will likely be some difficult moments that will test the strength of that vessel and hopefully make it stronger. I am grateful to have found someone to try again with. 

So, that is my elaborate excuse for not posting any drawings for over a month. Not the kind of thing you can use very often, or maybe just once. There was also an epic struggle with bureaucracy as I applied for residency here in Latvia, so I can actually live with my wife. It is not a status instantly granted. I will bore you the gory details.

The drawing this week is a "We Mask" (see what I did there...) taken from the instagram account of  "feereafricanart", which I have visited many times for inspiration. A quick bit of research on the We reveals that the name "We" means 'men who easily forgive', good advice, otherwise those toxic fumes will just damage your own soul. There's so much to love about this mask, the wide, powerful nose, the massive, gracefully shaped lips and the light geometric mask-shape around the eyes. It was a pleasure to have time on this peaceful Sunday to make this drawing.

And how was your week?