Monday, December 11, 2006

November Hiking Report

Things were looking tough for me going into November on the hiking front. My laziness had left me with 149 miles to hike in the last 61 days of the year, so it was time to crank it up a notch or three and pound some sand. Despite all the turkey and football on the tube, I managed to drag myself out and knock down 77 miles to put me at 528 for the year. As of December 1, I had a mere 72 miles to go to hit the goal, I say "had" as I've been chewing hard on that number and it is a good bit smaller now. Some people think it's weird that I do this, that I set a hiking goal and that's o.k. they think what they want. Setting a hard number keeps me honest and motivates my butt to get out and do this thing that keeps my body, mind and soul right. Hiking, art, film, creativity, all of it is connected. If you are an artist or writer and find you're blocked, burned out or just plain disgusted, then lace up your boots and get out into the world. You'll be glad you did.


P.S. Hello Claire!