Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas 2009

Hope any and all who read this find themselves safe, warm and peaceful this day in December. I've had much more holiday spirit this year and I'm enjoying it. Decorating the tree is always my favorite part of Xmas, but this year I am enjoying the whole ride. 2009 was a full year, more so it seems then some other years with some high-highs (Janet's art show at the Portlock Galleries and our trip to Toronto) and some low-lows (losing four friends this year, three of which were in their forties including my childhood amigo John Verhulst who's 46th birthday would have been tomorrow). Here's wishing 2010 is a kinder, easier year for us all. A year when we try to work together and hate a little less (or a whole lot less). As always, the best days are yet to come. Zahdah.