Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mystery Music from the Mind of Neil Spencer Bruce

My good friend Neil Spencer Bruce, composing maestro behind the ZANK soundtrack, has posted a curious Promo video for his next music CD called "11:53". Check it out:

Very intriguing stuff. Can't wait to hear it Neil.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Before you know it...

It's been too long since the last post. I'll spare you the usual groveling. There has been plenty to write about, lots to catch up on.

Found this poor fellow (Pelicans always look like males to me) on the beach last week while I was hiking one particularly blustery day. I love the sad, curving shape of this bird; like a ballet move frozen in time. I didn't have the camera with me when I found him and had to backtrack to the house to get it. Looking at this image again makes me glad that I made the effort.

I upped my hiking goal this year by 50 miles to 650. So far, I'm running a few miles behind, but I'm on track this month to catch up. Fall is my favorite time of year to hike. The weather is cooling down and the beach clears out. The first splash of orange blaze starts to show in the trees and Sunday's are football days again (Go Packers!).