Thursday, May 26, 2005

Gypsies, tramps and links

May has been a busy month. My wife and I returned on the fourth from living in Ireland the last twenty months. Since then, we have been living like gypsies, on the road visiting friends and family up and down the east coast. We're enjoying the last bits of freedom before the cruel reality of the job schedule takes effect next month. The big move looms soon, have to collect all the boxes and furniture and shuffle it across town. I always enjoy the unpacking process, playing archeologist with my own stuff.

Just yesterday, I added a few links to this page, to the right there, those film and screen writing links. These are blogs that I read on a regular basis because their authors have wisdom and humor and good writing to share, and they're entertaining too. David Anaxagoras' blog "Man Bites Hollywood", is an illuminating glimpse into the struggles of a screenwriting graduate student. He almost makes it sound fun to stay up all night and drink diet sodas trying to hit insane deadlines. John August is a pro screenwriter, his credits included, "Go", "Big Fish", and the soon to be released "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". His blog is always informative and full of clear-headed advice and a real gift to aspiring screenwriters. "The Artful Writer" is another pro blog by Craig Mazi ("Scary Movie 3" among others) and Ted Elliott (co-author of "Shrek", "The Mask of Zorro" among others) that I only recently started reading, but has become a quick favorite for humorous and insightful information. They also provide one of the most comprehensive list of screenwriting links I have seen. Finally, there's "Dr. Squid's Smorgasbord of Terror!", reportage from the front lines of no-budget filmmaking, Dr. Squid deals the goods on the DIY backyard studio life and makes microcinema look fun! So if you have writer's block and need some inspiration or something to read while procrastinating, click thru those links. Enjoy.