Saturday, June 09, 2012

I got a solid 7 mile hike in today. I came across this sign along Shore Dr and had to grab a snap. I find it funny how popular zombies have become in our culture now. Images of zombies attacking and eating people has become mainstream. Back when the original Romero "Dawn of the Dead" came out in 1977, it got an X rating because of the extreme violence. Now we see worse on "The Walking Dead". OK HW

Sunday, June 03, 2012

My May Pick for the "Shine Some Light" Project

Phil Tippett's "MAD GOD" on Kickstarter
I am encouraged by the response to my first month of the "Shine Some Light" project to find and fund worthy creative projects. I have had some wonderful interactions with some truly creative folks and it will make it difficult to make a choice. Please note that I am a tad behind, making my May pick in June, but better late then never. So how to choose? While thinking on how I will sort through the options, I came across a new Twitter friend's blog post on just that subject. Camilla Castree writes quite lucidly about why she is willing to put her hard earned money behind a project. This bit here hit a chord with me;

Its not the perks, although that’s a great bonus – in some cases an incredibly generous bonus – but the feeling of making a difference with the PEOPLE you ADMIRE and who have PASSION about their project.

Passion. That is what attracts me as well, as it helps me keep my own creative juices fired up. Please take a moment and read her entire posting, especially if you have ever considered throwing in on a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo project. >> Camilla Castree's blog post, "Why I back a project"

Here is the list of people whom responded. These are folks that followed my simple criteria for being considered.

  1. Follow me on Twitter. >>Weaverwerx on Twitter
  2. Send me a link to their Kickstarter or IndieGoGo project.
Here is a list of who responded;

  1. Once A Week Film Fest - web site (IndieGoGo - project closed)
  2. "String Theory" a documentary on Levi Weaver (IndieGoGo - ends 6/4/12)
  3. Silver Beech Studios - Ipad Accessory (Kickstarter page not launched yet)
  4. "Fat Kid Rules the World" film (Kickstarter - ends 6/16/12)
  5. Tom Lancaster - "Nothing is Certain"- (Kickstarter project closed - new one for July pending)
And that was it. Out of those, only two of the projects are currently available, "String Theory" and "Fat Kid...". So for the month of May, my backing goes to..........

Now I did say I would pledge $25 a month, but there is no $25 option, so I will be going in for $35!

Levi Weaver is currently touring and will actually be playing in my town Monday night at a joint called H20! I am looking forward to meeting him and hearing his music.

Finally, I included the photo from Phil Tippett's Kickstarter project "Mad God" because I also backed it in May. Phil Tippett is an animator and special effects genius behind tons of classic Sci-Fi movies, including "The Empire Strikes Back", "Robo Cop" and "Starship Troopers". I didn't make his project my official May pick as he isn't participating in this project.

Be sure to spread the word amongst your pals to send me their project links for June!