Friday, August 27, 2021

52 Fridays - Happier Vibes


Somehow we have made it to another Friday as this year of our (your? their?) Lord 2021 grinds on... I hope everything in your corner of the universe is going well. If so, then count your blessings. I try to do that everyday.

This week's drawing is a Dan Mask by the sculptor "Zon" from the Ivory Coast and Liberia region of west Africa. Once more, I returned to the fertile Instagram feed of "feereafricanart" So many wonderful examples of African art there. As always, if you enjoy this image, please take a moment to read about the history and origin of the Dan people so you can fully appreciate it. I love tribal art from all around the world, but African tribal art has a particular power and influence in my creative life. 

So, "happier vibes"? How so? After feeling the DOOM of life in 2021 closing in on me this last month, I am lighter today. Reminded myself that in my three feet of space, all is content and well. That all my hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing doesn't help or change anything. Better to keep a clear head, affect positive change where and when I can and let go of the rest. My interpretation of this mask shows that, as my version is narrower and has a gentler, less scary expression than the original. I like the original, and will draw it again sometime staying closer to the wider head, more intense eyes and larger lips, but I also like what I have done here. You got to love your imperfections. 

No change in materials, still using the same cheap, black Bic ballpoint pen in the same Muji notebook. Hope to have it filled by year's end.

Stay safe, be kind to everyone you meet and make something this week!