Friday, June 10, 2011

Image for 6-10-11 - 21st Century Haunted House

Remember when you were a kid, there was always one old derelict house in the neighborhood that everyone just knew was haunted. Well I don't know if this place is haunted, but it sure is derelict. It was born that way, abandoned midway in construction about a year and a half ago for unknown reasons, though I did hear a rumor that it wasn't properly constructed and water got in. As these stories often go, the building contractor went bankrupt and the owner has been in limbo. Now the teenagers and bums break in from time-to-time and someone comes around and fixes the big, plywood door and puts a bigger lock on it. Too bad it wasn't completed as it's an interesting design compared to the usual bland crap that is thrown up in Virginia Beach. It is a ghost of sorts, a constant haunting reminder of the shitty economy (as if we need another one). It would make a cool super villain's lair. Dah