Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Image for 6-8-11 - Colin

This is my friend Colin Martin. We've been friends ever since we met at a Dr. Madblood (local TV horror movie host) mini-convention in the summer of 1978. We were young, geeky teenagers then, now we're geeky, middle-aged guys marveling at the speed of time and life. Colin and I have been through a lot; were roommates for a time; spent an action-packed month riding buses across Mexico back in the late 1980s; have made a few short movies together; have spilled our share of wine. We drifted apart for awhile as adults, but now are reconnected. It's good to have old friends in your life that have witnessed a huge arc of your history, and you theirs. Share the memories of late night horror movies and junk food and a million laughs. I'm lucky with Colin though, because there's much more that binds us together then just nostalgia. There's a lot left to our conversation and we got more good times to come. To the future!