Friday, June 17, 2011

Image for June 17, 2011 - Making a Mark

This leaf is long gone, but it left it's mark on the world. It's shape endures for now etched into this strip of white crosswalk paint. Whenever I walk over to the mailbox here at work, I pass this leaf silhouette and it always brings my mind around to how brief our time is on this planet and how will anyone know we were here. Leaving one's mark has been a motivator to people in all walks of life since cave people took up a charred stick and drew on a cave wall. Some people leave their mark through their children and families, some through their creative pursuits. Some people don't care or feel it's out of their reach to make any meaningful impact on the world. Whether we chose to or not, we are all affecting the world and the people around us for good or for ill, mostly in ways that we'll never know or understand. I've been making a conscious effort to bring art into my life more, both in reality and online. I've also been trying to encourage people, friends and strangers to create art, write, make music, exercise that creative passion too. Make that mark. You never know who will eventually see it and what it will mean to their life.