Sunday, February 27, 2011

Image for 2/27/11 - Janet's in the studio and I feel fine...

My lovely wife is back in her studio with a smile on her face, making marks and making art! She's working on a new series of drawings that are over photographs of assembled sculptures that she made. Here's a shot of her working on the latest one. I feel privileged to watch her work progress. I get to see more of her work then anyone else, so envy me. Her work has a depth and power that never fails to open my head up. Her work is that "crack that lets the light in" that Leonard Cohen sang about. Janet has a slightly neglected blog called "Daily Drawings" that's worth a look if you want to explore her stuff. I'm lobbying her to start posting on there again, so leave her an encouraging comment. We want more art!



  1. The relationship between you and Janet is truly inspiring...and rare.
    There's so much bitterness and anger in the world that it's wonderful to be in the presence of a little positive energy.