Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Weaverwerx final arrives in the 21st century

There's an old saying, "The cobbler's children have no shoes." . That explains why I haven't redesigned or even up-dated the Weaverwerx web site since, well, ah,,, the 20th frickin' century. Lame excuses aside, check out the new launched Weaverwerx site and let me know what you think. Some (one or two of you, in other words my loyal readers) may notice that "Zank" is not represented in the "flicks" section. Well, old Zanky will be getting his own page soon, so look out for that development. I'll also be entering "Zank" into a film festival, the first since it was shown at the Flicker Film Festival. I'll keep you posted. OK HW


  1. Hey hey Hal! Nice one! That is so cool! All that flash and stuff! I have also been tinkering away and have a new website too...must be something in da air! Not 100% finished yet, but nearly! Hoping to put some podcasts up aswell.



  2. Anonymous4:01 PM

    sculpture is spelled wrong on the intro page (just a heads up)...so will you keep this blog as is or are you going to incorporate it into the website?

  3. Thank's Quill, fixed that typo and still checking for others. Just when you think you got them all and another pops up.

    I'm keeping this blog as is for now. Like having this seperate place to muse about whatever, but down the line I can see the wisdom of combining everything. Thank's for checking it out.

    OK HW