Saturday, September 24, 2005

Try to Remember September...

Dang and hellfire, where the heck did September go to? A large and difficult to measure chunk of it has been devoted to preparing to move from the humid, over built, gridlock shores of Tidewater to the less humid, but more diverse, slightly cooler in the winter streets of Rochester, NY. Most folks who live here question the wisdom of such a move, but I spent part of my youth in Wisconsin and actually enjoy cold weather. Besides, trading the ever present hurricane threat for a few months of freezing temps and shoveling snow, seems like a bargain right now. My in-laws in Rochester, so I've visited many times and find it to be a pretty hip town with some decent restaurants and active film community. There's an AIVF Salon group there and Eastman House and The Little Theater, which has a monthly Emerging Filmmakers series of local efforts. There is also a Writers and Books Center that features screenwriting workshops that I'm going to try out to get me back in the ink-slinging arena. Much to look forward to, but in the meantime, there are loads of loose ends to nail down. The plan is be handing out Halloween candy there in the frozen north.

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