Thursday, December 08, 2005

The November Hiking Report and more!

I know this post will come as a shock to the two people (Hello Neil!)
who regularly check out my blog to see if I've managed to drag myself
to the keyboard long enough to lash together a few coherent (or not)
words, but it is far past time to break the silence. First up, the
Hiking November hiking stats. Despite an interstate move and the
usual settling that occurs, I managed to bang out 56 miles, which
brings me to 607 miles year-to-date. That leaves 43 miles between me
and the goal of 650 miles for 2005. Shortly after moving to
Rochester, I discovered that we live within a five minute walk of the
Genesee River trail system that ties in with the 100 mile long canal
trails, so I'm confident those last miles will fall with no worries.
Already knocked down 10 miles so far for December. Had a fine, crisp
and cold five mile hike yesterday, the 24 F temps freezing my lip dog
and putting some solid color in all my cheeks. The trails are paved
and well-maintained, providing wonderful views of the city and the
river and I am thankfully to be living somewhere where the local
government sees the value in creating these paths.

So far, I am enjoying life here in my new town. When I mention to
someone that I've just moved up here from Virginia, the response has
always been the same, "WHY?!". They see the south as warmth and
sunlight and opportunity and maybe I'll be seeing things the same way
after I've been through the next five (or more) months of cold and
snow, but for now I'm enjoying the winter wonderland. Also, I'm
finding I feel more comfortable socially and culturally, there's
definitely more film and animation opportunities here. Attended my
first AIVF meeting here last night and was really impressed by the
work I saw and enjoyed the company. I'll be showing "ZANK" at the
January meeting and I look forward to seeing more of everyone else's
work. Lots of interest in horror films in the group, several people
working on or having completed shorts and one feature in the works,
"Fury" by Liz Lehman. Check out her web site Trillium Films
Liz told some great stories of filming in the big, scary, old Nick
Taheo's restaurant downtown here and I'm looking forward to seeing
that film.

To the future,


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

October hiking report

I am a fall person. The crisp, cool air and brilliant hard light draw me outdoors, so my October hiking miles are always good. This year was no exception with a total of 73 miles for the month bringing me to 551 miles for the year. That leaves just 99 miles left to hike before the ball drops at year's end. Most of those miles will be acquired in and around Rochester, NY after we move there next week and that won't be difficult as the region is crisscrossed in established trails. I found this great interactive map of trails on the Democrat & Chronicle site. I have hiked some sections of the canal trails and the Lehigh Valley Trail and if they are any indication of what to expect, then I'll be in for a treat.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Monday, April 18, 2039

That's the day I'm suppose to die according to the DEATH CLOCK. So what to do with all that time? Obviously I haven't been spending it posting blogs lately and I humbly apologize for that. In the process of preparing the move, I just got out of the groove, but now I am going to get it back. Time is a strange thing, at least to me right now. Have been wandering around in a semi-daze since we returned from Ireland feeling like I did when I was seventeen, trying to figure out what to do with my life. I think those large life changes take much longer to digest then we realize or normally have time for and now I am on the verge of another one. I have had some doubts about this move to Rochester, nothing against that fine town, mostly just hate to move, but I have found that any enterprise worth doing in life is going have some doubts attached. Doubt is there to remind you that you are taking a risk and risk is a sign you are living life. And if that old Death Clock is accurate, then I got a fair chunk of life left to live. Back to packing.


Note: Thanks to John Oak Dalton for the Death Clock link.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Monday, October 03, 2005

September Hiking Report

September was a good month for hiking, managed 64 miles this month. The cooler, less humid weather makes it a bit easier. Fall is my favorite time of year to get my boots muddy. Have 172 miles left to go for the year, about 57 miles a month. Most of this hiking has been on the beach, but I did get a few miles in Charlotte, NC and down in Mississippi last week while on a visit to see my Father. Onward.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Try to Remember September...

Dang and hellfire, where the heck did September go to? A large and difficult to measure chunk of it has been devoted to preparing to move from the humid, over built, gridlock shores of Tidewater to the less humid, but more diverse, slightly cooler in the winter streets of Rochester, NY. Most folks who live here question the wisdom of such a move, but I spent part of my youth in Wisconsin and actually enjoy cold weather. Besides, trading the ever present hurricane threat for a few months of freezing temps and shoveling snow, seems like a bargain right now. My in-laws in Rochester, so I've visited many times and find it to be a pretty hip town with some decent restaurants and active film community. There's an AIVF Salon group there and Eastman House and The Little Theater, which has a monthly Emerging Filmmakers series of local efforts. There is also a Writers and Books Center that features screenwriting workshops that I'm going to try out to get me back in the ink-slinging arena. Much to look forward to, but in the meantime, there are loads of loose ends to nail down. The plan is be handing out Halloween candy there in the frozen north.