Saturday, November 13, 2021

52 Fridays - The Kiss Goodbye, the Kiss Hello...


This week's drawing was a quick one as it's been a busy time. I am traveling to Latvia to be with my girlfriend Ieva. I moved out of my apartment in Richmond, Virginia this week, put a few things in storage and gave away the rest. RVA has been a good home for me this last two years and I will miss, my friends, hiking along the James River and the people and culture here, so the kiss goodbye. On the other end of this journey is Riga, Latvia, also a city defined by a river, the mighty Daugava, also a capital city with good people and culture, so a warm kiss hello. 

This mask comes from the Luba people of the Zaire River Basin, who are known for their Striated face masks. I found it on the Instagram feed of "beauty_and_the_belief", whom I have pulled from before. Does that look like a kiss to you? It did for me.

See you next week from Riga!


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