Saturday, March 07, 2015

Pop Criner - 3/7/2015 - Image-a-day

Nine years ago today the world lost a bright and charming soul, my step Dad, Johnny "Pop" Criner. He was an adventurer, a musician, a gourmet cook, and the love of my Mom's life. Pop was a career Navy man and loved to tell tales of all the places he had been. He taught me how to shave and drive and tie a tie, much of what makes me the man I am today came from him. For a time he and my Mom lived in Norfolk, Va. where I was living and every week I'd go over on Tuesday nights to have dinner with them. Pop loved to cook fancy meals, trying out new recipes and we'd start every meal with a raised glass of wine and his signature toast, "I wonder what the po'folks is doing!", which always brought an ironic smile to my face because we were the po'folks if you measured our bank accounts. In all the ways it truly counted, the love and laughter accounts, we were truly rich indeed.

I miss and love you Pop!