Thursday, February 05, 2015

Happy Birthday Uncle Bill - 2/5/15 - Image-a-day

Today would have been William Burroughs' one hundredth and first birthday if he was still with us. In honor of that I share with you a close-up image of a bas-relief sculpture I did of that cranky, old beatnik queen called "El Hombre Invisible" I crafted nearly twenty years ago (when Burroughs was still alive) in October of 1995, so this post can also function as a "throwback-Thursday" for those that are into that kind of thing. Of the beat writers, Burroughs was always my least favorite, I was always more of a Kerouac man, but I tried to love Uncle Bill. Read "Naked Lunch" straight through and it did bend my mind, but not in a way that I liked. Now that I'm getting older and have an experience or two, I need to give him another read as I think I can receive his signal better now. This week the NPR radio show "This American Life" featured a BBC audio documentary narrated by Iggy Pop no less, about Burroughs and it is necessary listening for anyone into the beats, Burroughs or the idly curious. Those hippos are still boiling in their tanks Bill. Thanks' for all the laughs...